Poco a Poco is a federally registered 501(c)(3) organization. Any donation amount will be tax deductible. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Thank you to our 2017 Donors: 


Thanks to our Concert Sponsors: 

Dieken Family Foundation


Thanks to our Faculty Sponsors: 

Scot and Louella Wrighton

Janice Hart



Thanks to our Young Artist Sponsors:



Woodland Education Foundation 

Ingrid and Eric Riggs

Mayor Jimmy and Gigi Lansford

Lois Guyon

Beth and Glenn Loving

Linda and Curt Ettema

Jerry and Jean Drendel

Dr. Eleanor Howell

Tom Rice

Jerry and Jean Keck

Ray Poling

The Carmichael Family


Thank you for these


Granted in 2017:

(in no particular order)


1) Park Presbyterian Church for use of their space during our festival week.

2) Composer Ellen Harrison for creating her choral piece 'Music Is' in honor of our inaugural festival.

3) Librettist Joshua McGuire for creating his original poem 'Music Is' in honor of our inaugural festival.

4) Jim and Kate Young, Donna and Bill Stone, Janice Hart, Larry and Kathy Tombaugh, and Judy Bliss for housing our out-of-state faculty members.

5) Karen Ranger for providing the Tuesday night meal for students and faculty.

6) The Community of Streator and Streator Tourism's support and marketing help, and for providing the Plumb Pavilion in the Streator City Park for our Saturday afternoon concert.

7)  Anna's Pizza for donating a portion of our Pizza Party prior to Thursday night's Student Showcase Recital. 

8) Gene Anderson of 'Designs and Signs by Anderson' for creating our logo.

9) Ottawa Township High School and Choir Director Spencer Rockford for providing the music folders for our Festival Choir and Community Choir.

10) Larry and Kathy Tombaugh of 'Tomkat Roofing, Inc' for providing several meals throughout the week, donating the beverage station for Saturday's community concert, and the young artists' pens and memo books. 

11) Rick Arkels for donating a portion of his fees as recording engineer for our world premiere choral piece, 'Music Is' words written by Joshua McGuire, with music by Dr. Ellen Harrison. 

12) Nancy Mueller, Mary Bond, and Liberty Village for loaning their electric keyboards for our festival week. 

13) Tim Riordan for photographing our group festival photo.